In the 1990’s, Senthil Kumar was a PE Teacher at Lady Andal Venkatasubba Rao School in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, The school decided to take the class to visit Ooty .Talk about an eye-opening experience! The group spent four days touring and it became one of the most memorable experiences of Senthil’s life. His students had an extraordinary tour, experiencing a nature, and attractions, while in the company of their peers. They even handled the additional responsibility of being away from their parents.

It was then that Senthil recognized that not only were the students excited and having the time of their lives, but the tour provided an educational enhancement to the curriculum implemented in his classroom. One year later, he started Challenger Adventure Foundation in order to pursue his dream of giving the same experiences and feelings to more student and youth groups throughout the city.

Today, CAF Worldwide Tours is a nationally recognized educational travel company with decades of experience, focused on providing customized student tours and youth educational travel services throughout the world. Each year, hundreds of students tour the world with CAF and experience the strong bond between travel and education through our tour programs.

Whether you are a teacher, principal, administrator, parent or youth group leader, you have the capacity to provide the same lifelong experiences and lasting memories to your student or youth group as senthil did in 1990.

Let CAF Worldwide Tours help you make your own history.